06 July 2011

Vada is here!

Vada arrived on Aussie soil last Thursday after 3 long days of travel. We were so excited to see her on Friday but were worried she might not remember us because we hadn't seen her in over 60 days. Luckily, as soon as she saw us her tail started wagging and she went nuts. She hadn't seen the vet yet so we couldn't take her out of her pen but we did spend 2 whole hours just hanging out with her.

Happy Vada!

Small price to pay to see our pup.

Playing with the duck we brought her.

I went to see her again yesterday. I got there right before her vet visit so I got to be there and help with it which I think made it a lot easier for everyone. Because she saw the vet she was allowed to go to one of the play yards. Vada loves to run and that hasn't changed. She did like 100 laps around the play area and then found a ball which she threw in the air and chased around forever. She was so happy to have some room to run around. Our outdoor playtime got cut short by some serious wind and rain. Vada loves to run but she hates being wet more so we retreated back to her pen for a little bit of cuddle time before I headed out. I didn't get any pics while we were playing but I took some better photos of her pen. 

Trying to lick the rain off!

Watch dog + wet duck. Her pen is bigger than we thought it would be.

Even more shedding this time around. Stupid rain.

Trying to stay dry under cover.

Licking the rain off me and my jacket.

Her bed is covered in a little concrete area in the back of her pen. There is a heat lamp, blankets and tshirts that smell like us and my mom who was watching her for us for the last 2 months.

We are so so happy she is here. I will be visiting her twice a week until she can come home with us at the end of September.

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