30 April 2011

Getting Here

Hello World!

We have finally made it to Melbourne. It is about 12:30 pm on Saturday and we've finally gotten a chance to sit down, call our families and use the internet.

We left Denver on Wednesday afternoon around 2:30 pm and landed in Los Angeles around 4:30. We got to fly over the Grand Canyon which was amazing because Andy had never seen it and we didn't get a chance to go before we left the US like we had hoped to. My good friend Scott picked us up from LAX to save us from our 7 hour long layover (ugh) and took us to In N Out Burger and a quick stop at the beach. It was great to see a friend and stretch our legs before the longest flight EVER.

Grand Canyon!

Beach in Playa Del Rey, CA

Killing time at LAX. 

The flight from Los Angeles to Melbourne was just okay. I slept for a good portion of it but once I woke up I was feeling pretty sick. Note to self: dramamine for long flights. Andy was as comfortable as someone as tall as him can be on a plane. For the most part though, it was a great flying experience. The food was good, the entertainment options were extensive and they did their best to make sure you were comfortable. 

View from the QANTAS SkyCam somewhere over the Pacific. 

We eventually made it to our new temporary apartment in the Docklands area of the city. It's a little far from some of the places we need to go but it's nice for a temporary home. We will definitely post pictures of it once we get a bit more settled. Yesterday we ran some errands like buying metlink passes for public transit and getting our bank account taken care of. We couldn't stay up as late as we hoped to but I think we are doing pretty well with the jet lag. This morning we went to the Queen Victoria Market which was super cool and a little overwhelming. We will write more about that later.

I will leave you with this amazing photo of the sunrise from our bedroom balcony. A little later after this photo was taken a fleet (fleet?) of hot air balloons joined the buildings. Amazing.

Love and miss all of you,


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