06 May 2011

Things we have learned so far:

We are finally getting settled here in Melbourne, one week after arriving. Apologies for the lack of updates, things have been a little overwhelming but we are going to try to post on a more regular basis from here on out. Not much has happened yet. Andy started work and I am getting better at not getting lost...sort of. Here are some things we have learned so far:

  • There is no yellow cheese. At least none that we've seen. 
  • Katie is bad at directions.
  • Andy is good at directions.
  • Public transit is confusing. Listed times are merely suggestions and if you don't know when your stop is coming you will miss it. They don't announce it nor is there a screen telling you what's next. Or a map anywhere inside the busses. 
  • Kangaroo is on the menu. Best served rare.
  • The change in your pocket is actually worth money. Always forgetting that.
  • Coffee is really good but ordered quite differently. More on that later.
  • KFC is everywhere.
  • We haven't run into any other Americans.
  • Peanut Butter is really salty. Everything is really salty.
Needless to say, the strangest thing so far is that everything is very familiar but just a little bit off. No huge culture shocks yet but it's only been a week.

Katie and Andy


  1. I feel like North America is the only place where the coins have such low value.

  2. I also noticed that everything was really salty down under... but really, KFC everywhere?

  3. Katie/Andy, I see similarities between your bullet points and my European adventure with Spencer » Spencer is good at directions. Alison THINKS she is good at directions :)

    Looking forward to reading more!